What up, ‘cuz?

Our family continues to grow, this time out of one of the extended branches. At the beginning of the month Sweetie and Cricket welcomed a new cousin. Wife’s brother, Tio Long Arm, and our sister-in-law, Zia brought their son, Gnocchi into the world. Like all babies, he wrote his own unique birth story, but now the drama is over and they are all home and getting to know each other. So now their fun really begins! Just wanted to welcome them to the detour. Given that he is the first grandson on Wife’s side of the family, they will surely be in future stories.

Welcome Gniocchi!

Welcome Gnocchi!

2 thoughts on “What up, ‘cuz?

  1. Well…Gnocchi…hmmm,I think that suits our little Prince perfectly! Especially since he loves to be swaddled so tightly and neatly! Although we started to call him Lil’ Burrito at home! Thank you for posting such a lovely welcome to # 1 grandson…
    “Nana T”

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