Introducing: The D-3 Do-Betters

This invitation goes out to all of my readership, all the blog followers, all the Facebook followers, and most importantly, all of the stay-at-home Dads that this reaches.

The time to draw attention to men’s cancer issues is upon us once again. Movember is just a couple of weeks away. Dad’s Diaper Detour is once again hosting a team, this year called the “D-3 Do-Betters”. I will once again be growing a sweet moustache for the occasion, and I invite you to join with me.

The rules are simple: Sign up for the ‘Do-Betters here. Stay clean-shaven until Movember 1, then grow a moustache. No beards, goatees, just a ‘stache. Use the moustache to start conversations about testicular cancer, prostate cancer and mental health issues affecting men, and raise funds for said issues. Act like a gentleman at all times.

I don’t want this to be a “challenge”, there are some many of those flying around the internet these days, and with good cause. I am sending this out as an invitation. An invitation to join the ranks and the fight. I look forward to seeing you on the team page.

It’s Movember!

It’s Movember!

3 thoughts on “Introducing: The D-3 Do-Betters

  1. Many folk are asking for the return of my magnificent mustache aka “El Guapo” (that’s the mustache’s nick name, not mine), much thought will have to be given to this invitation……

    In the meantime, good luck and good job.

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