Grosser than Gross

Children love gross things. I remember my childhood friends and I trying to top each other when it came to slimy, muddy, nasty things. And of course, the childhood jokes that started, “What’s grosser than gross?” where you tried to come up with the most offensive, horrid creations and scenarios to evoke a ghastly response.

Well, Sweetie is falling right into line. My sweet little daughter gets a kick out of gross things, particularly with things that involve the body. It’s like her morbid curiosity mixes with the reaction of her parents to give her a sense of accomplishment. For the past week she has been dealing with a cold and has lots of nasal congestion at her disposal. We of course tried to teach her how to blow her nose, and she learned. She just doesn’t always reach for a tissue. Why bother when Mom and Dad are conveniently close and always willing to help?

So we deal with these “snot stalactites” all day long, much to her delight. When I told Captain Jack about this he thought it was hilarious and immediately asked for a picture. I tried to explain I was usually too busy grabbing a kleenex, not looking for my phone. But today we were ready (the cold is almost gone, and so is this moment). On a good note, at least she is getting the mucus out of her head. And for the record, Wife thought I shouldn’t post something like this. But doesn’t it just scream, “man – kids are great!” Yeah, that’s my little girl.



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