Father’s Day thoughts

There are all sorts of terms to describe the father of a child, and all sorts of adjectives added to the title. Dad, daddy, pops, poppa, poppi, pappy, padre, step, in-law, ol’ man, stay-at-home, work-at-home, working, third shifter, man of the house, king of the castle, sith lord. Move aside all of these terms and you have a particular type of man acting in a particular set of circumstances as a Father. I speak from experience with a variety of examples in my life and from my own journey to embrace and embody the term. To all of the Fathers out there, we here at the detour wish you a Happy Father’s Day and hope you feel the love of your family today and every day.

At the same time, I want to also thank the “Dad-vocates” who support all fathers, but especially those working spouses, wives, partners, etc., whose day-job allows us to do what we do. Without you there is no such thing as a stay-at-home Dad. Today may not be named for you, but you and the role you play are appreciated.

I spent the day with my girls, Wife and Sweetie, which was great in itself. We started the day with breakfast with my father (Sweetie’s Grampa) and our side of the family. Afterwards I called my step-father (Sweetie’s Poppa) in Florida to exchange well wishes. We ended the day visiting with Wife’s parents and family to wish her father (Sweetie’s Buyo) a happy day. I sent text messages to friends who are fathers and also phoned Brother Busted Knuckles to wish him a good one. Each call, visit and message reinforced the kinship I feel with these men because we all carry the title “Father”. So I end my day sharing that kinship with the father’s out there in the larger world. Happy Father’s Day to you all, this one’s still for you.

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