Sweetie’s New T-Shirt (a.k.a re-upping the contract)

A friend’s recent e-mail reminded me that we have some news here on the detour that I have not yet published to the interweb. I thought it would be cute to say Sweetie “got a new t-shirt” and show her with it:


That’s right, Sweetie is going to be a big sister – we are expecting here on the detour! In all honesty, baby “Garbanzo” is almost done cooking. (Sweetie was “Frijol” until she was born – its’ just a weird legume affection) The “official” due date is August 9,  so yes I am that far behind in my writing. Anyone who has seen us recently knows we’re expecting, but there are still some friends who are not caught up. So we are spreading the word!

Thankfully, Sweetie is receptive to wife’s bump and says hello and good-bye regularly to the baby. She greets wife with “Hi baby!” before “Hi Mommie!” in the evenings. She will even kiss her hands and plant kisses on her sibling’s presence. Hopefully this outpouring of love lasts…

So no longer will I write as the first-time Dad learning his way around this whole child-rearing gig. Soon I will write from the perspective of the seasoned, snack time master, play date champion Father-of-two. Or I will be so overwhelmed that I won’t write at all! No, no, no, there will be so much to share. Plus I will be able to appreciate this child’s development more since we have already experienced the stages and I’ll have an idea what to watch for. That should also help me make sure my camera is ready!

So wish us well. Sweetie has already been moved in to her new room, complete with  a new “big girl” bed (more on that later). Wife and I have also moved to a new room, and gained a new “adult bed” (with matching dresser and nightstand) and a freshly renovated closet from the deal. But obviously there are more changes coming. Oh yeah, and the whole birth thing to get through. Even though we have been through so much of this before it is still going to be so new. And once we meet the new member (we won’t know the gender until it arrives) we will share the pics and figure out a detour code name.

Ok, it's growing on me

Ok, it’s growing on me

One thought on “Sweetie’s New T-Shirt (a.k.a re-upping the contract)

  1. We’re so very happy for you guys and can’t wait until our sons (yes, you’re having a son) become as good friends as our daughters.

    Here’s to our growing families.

    Congrats again!!


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