Happy Mother’s Day!

I want to send a heartfelt “Happy Mother’s Day” to all of our mothers out there. Without you there would be no children. Without children there would be no dads. And no justifiable reason to stay at home. That would mean no diaper detours. So I can directly trace my existence as a Stay-at-Home Dad blogger and this blog to my own mother and to Sweetie’s mother. Truth.

For these reasons and countless others, mothers remain the primary creative force in our world. Thankfully, the really good ones are willing to take on partners. They share their creative ability and make a safe space for suggestions. At least, this is my lived experience.

So to Wife, whose mothering habits are nothing short of inspiring, to my own mother who I thank for my very existence, and to all of you mothers out there: Happy Mother’s Day!


We have been in swim lessons for over a year now and finally we get something out of it! Check out this report that Fox News did on Sweetie and her aquatic excellence. If you have a spare hour, this in-depth interview and live-action expo shows how Sweetie’s early introduction to swimming led to her world dominance of the competition and ultimately to her ownership of the entire sport.

Wow…maybe I shouldn’t write entries late at night when I should be sleeping. That blurbĀ is just not funny at all.

Fox News did come to our swim class. They were doing a piece on adult swim lessons but when they saw the cutie children splashing around they could not resist some footage. Our cameo is fromĀ 1:30 to 1:40 (the whole video is about 4 minutes long). I guess the idea of Sweetie being on the news got me a bit excited. Although, since it was Fox News I am not sure how many friends and family saw the original footage. Thank goodness for the interweb!

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I just want to say congratulations to our friends at the “house of the no-go” – they welcomed baby number 2 last week. The whole family is home now and Baby BC is doing great! I figured I would put it out to the interweb while also saying a little thank-you to the universe.

I have often mentioned Momma Z, Big Daddy B and Linda in various posts as all three have a great impact on Sweetie’s life. We are so happy that the birth of #2 was fast, safe and now over. While we have briefly seen Baby BC, we look forward to hanging out with him and getting to know him.

Congratulations to all of the families that have welcomed new children this spring. Moms, you are amazing. Dads, your work starts now. Here at D-3 we have all kinds of love and support for you!