Uncle’s pit stop at DDD (a.k.a. the first D-3 guest post)

Sweetie’s Uncle (codename pending) sent me this message today through Facebook. It is the first guest post here on the detour, and I think he paints a great picture of another Dad in action:
At Target, stopping for a quick bite at Pizza Hut Express

Had the opportunity to witness the skills of another seasoned male provider

Taking a seat nearby, a dad pushed his daughter’s stroller past me. Below the pink blanket, Baby UGGs covered the young lady’s feet.

Moments after starting his meal, my peripheral vision caught the movement: a rear ward, angular hop- with a 180 degree spin.

With several bounces, dad slid to a stop in front of the soda fountain. One hand reached for napkins as the other drew water from the dispenser. Saturated and satisfied, Dad darted back and began dabbing the outer garments of a soiled princess.

This action was swift, graceful and efficient; I could only compare such actions to those of the large cats of the Savannah.

Movements like those are instinctive, no doubt. 

As I walk into Target, I will keep my eye out for other hunter-providers.

(Humble contribution to your page… keep private or post…. edit at your discretion as it was written w/o proofing on a cell phone)

When I started the detour 15 months ago I also started noticing Dads out and about. When you sift through the interweb articles you see that we are trending upward. And popular media has tried to capture our experiences in a couple of sitcoms. Uncle’s report is just one more reminder that we are out there and that’s always nice to remember on the hard days. Keep up the good work Dads!

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