A happy butt makes for a happy baby

Two-part post here folks, and no pictures of Sweetie to be had. So sorry about that, but I felt like I haven’t spoken about the tools in the D-3 toolbox for a while. Just want to let you all know about a great product that we use, and where to get some.

So we all have to deal with diapers and that means dealing with butts. Sometimes that means a chapped heiny or possibly even some angry cheeks (hopefully nothing too extreme though!). We have tried a couple of different butt balms with Sweetie with mixed results. There are limitations since many products are not compatible with cloth diapers. We started with a particular balm and it was okay. For the most part, Sweetie’s butt was fine. It wasn’t impressive, it just was. One day when we were shopping we overheard a store employee gushing about this particular product. Besides being some magical balm that would keep any rear end safe and supple, it was also cloth diaper friendly. So we decide to try out CJ’s BUTTer. We’ve been with it for a year now and think it’s great.


Tub and travel tube

CJ’s is made from all natural stuff. Shea butter and stuff like that. We’ve been so happy with it that I read the label once and didn’t double-check the ingredients.We started using it around the 8 month mark and it remains our go-to butt balm. Sweetie’s butt is happy, so she is too. By “happy” I mean clean, free of irritation and healthy. Now nothing is perfect, and we have dealt with a red bum a couple of times. But red like chapped lips, not red like angry-bumpy-scary (internet pics of diaper rash are scary!).

Ironically, just as I was ready to push the “Publish” button, Momma Z handed me a travel tube of CJ’s BUTTer. Turns out they tried CJ’s with Linda and did not have a good result. Momma Z did tell me that Linda wears disposable diapers, and she did have a rash when they test drove the balm. Who knows why it wasn’t great for them? Just remember that nothing is perfect – if you try CJ’s and it doesn’t work well for your little one’s bum, then STOP. Don’t use it just cause the Flagman on the D-3 website said it’s magic.

So where do you get CJ’s BUTTer? Well, of course there is the interweb, where you can find anything you need. We support a locally owned and operated store called BellyBum Boutique. The owner of the store is a mother of three children, all with special needs. So she started a store that covered all of the interests in her life; cloth diapers, nursing, early childhood health, special educational needs. Check out their website for more details. The store is close to our music class, so it is easy to stop in to pick up supplies. Besides CJ’s, we also pick up diaper covers, soap and the occasional specialty item, like a bulldozer fork.



So if you are near the Lincoln Square neighborhood, stop in the BellyBum Boutique to check it out. Get you some CJ’s BUTTer while you are there and make your little one’s butt a happy one. Enjoy!

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