Winter is coming

With the Thanksgiving holiday past us, Sweetie and I are looking forward to the Chicago winter and the Christmas season. Sweetie loves winter so far, mainly because it has not yet been too cold. We have had a couple of previews, however, so she gotten an idea of what is coming. But “The Hawk” has not yet swooped in.

So we are starting our search for indoor winter fun. Obviously we can keep travelling to swim class, story time and music class, but we need some activities. There are some outdoor activities as well, but once that temperature drops and wind chill kicks in we are staying indoors. But I don’t want to be homebound. As always, we’ll be sure to share our adventures with the rest of you. If you happen upon some indoor Chicago fun, please feel free to share.

Oh yeah, this is fun...

Oh yeah, this is fun…

As an aside, this winter gear changes so much. I was laughing with a Grandfather today as he dealt with the car seat. He was saying that his (otherwise slim) grandson is now a challenge to get into the seat with the bulk of the coat. I know we are getting our gear routine dialed in, but it sure is messing with our timetable. Last winter we used an insulated jumper and a blanket; now we have all these parts. Ah well, hats and gloves and scarves and such are all a part of it. Another nuance on the detour, no? Well, come on Chicago winter, Hawk and all. We’re ready for you.

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