A D 3 Merry Christmas to you all!

Wow, the holidays have made the end of the year fly by. Obviously, our holiday adventures have kept me from sitting in front of the computer (and judging by blog traffice, the same goes for some of you!). I know we are technically a day early (and many of you out there know why this is such a great day for our family), but we are on the move. We are off to Los Abuelos’ house and Sister Older-Older’s house tomorrow. I know there will not be time to slam in a greeting, so we are sending one out today!

Much like our Thanksgiving greeting; Wife, Sweetie and I want to send warm wishes for a safe and happy holiday season out to all of you. Our family celebrates Christmas – so Merry Christmas to you all! We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you all in the New Year (but that’s next week so let’s not get ahead of ourselves!). For now, here’s the D 3 Family Christmas card:




Happy Holidays!

Uncle’s pit stop at DDD (a.k.a. the first D-3 guest post)

Sweetie’s Uncle (codename pending) sent me this message today through Facebook. It is the first guest post here on the detour, and I think he paints a great picture of another Dad in action:
At Target, stopping for a quick bite at Pizza Hut Express

Had the opportunity to witness the skills of another seasoned male provider

Taking a seat nearby, a dad pushed his daughter’s stroller past me. Below the pink blanket, Baby UGGs covered the young lady’s feet.

Moments after starting his meal, my peripheral vision caught the movement: a rear ward, angular hop- with a 180 degree spin.

With several bounces, dad slid to a stop in front of the soda fountain. One hand reached for napkins as the other drew water from the dispenser. Saturated and satisfied, Dad darted back and began dabbing the outer garments of a soiled princess.

This action was swift, graceful and efficient; I could only compare such actions to those of the large cats of the Savannah.

Movements like those are instinctive, no doubt. 

As I walk into Target, I will keep my eye out for other hunter-providers.

(Humble contribution to your page… keep private or post…. edit at your discretion as it was written w/o proofing on a cell phone)

When I started the detour 15 months ago I also started noticing Dads out and about. When you sift through the interweb articles you see that we are trending upward. And popular media has tried to capture our experiences in a couple of sitcoms. Uncle’s report is just one more reminder that we are out there and that’s always nice to remember on the hard days. Keep up the good work Dads!

A happy butt makes for a happy baby

Two-part post here folks, and no pictures of Sweetie to be had. So sorry about that, but I felt like I haven’t spoken about the tools in the D-3 toolbox for a while. Just want to let you all know about a great product that we use, and where to get some.

So we all have to deal with diapers and that means dealing with butts. Sometimes that means a chapped heiny or possibly even some angry cheeks (hopefully nothing too extreme though!). We have tried a couple of different butt balms with Sweetie with mixed results. There are limitations since many products are not compatible with cloth diapers. We started with a particular balm and it was okay. For the most part, Sweetie’s butt was fine. It wasn’t impressive, it just was. One day when we were shopping we overheard a store employee gushing about this particular product. Besides being some magical balm that would keep any rear end safe and supple, it was also cloth diaper friendly. So we decide to try out CJ’s BUTTer. We’ve been with it for a year now and think it’s great.


Tub and travel tube

CJ’s is made from all natural stuff. Shea butter and stuff like that. We’ve been so happy with it that I read the label once and didn’t double-check the ingredients.We started using it around the 8 month mark and it remains our go-to butt balm. Sweetie’s butt is happy, so she is too. By “happy” I mean clean, free of irritation and healthy. Now nothing is perfect, and we have dealt with a red bum a couple of times. But red like chapped lips, not red like angry-bumpy-scary (internet pics of diaper rash are scary!).

Ironically, just as I was ready to push the “Publish” button, Momma Z handed me a travel tube of CJ’s BUTTer. Turns out they tried CJ’s with Linda and did not have a good result. Momma Z did tell me that Linda wears disposable diapers, and she did have a rash when they test drove the balm. Who knows why it wasn’t great for them? Just remember that nothing is perfect – if you try CJ’s and it doesn’t work well for your little one’s bum, then STOP. Don’t use it just cause the Flagman on the D-3 website said it’s magic.

So where do you get CJ’s BUTTer? Well, of course there is the interweb, where you can find anything you need. We support a locally owned and operated store called BellyBum Boutique. The owner of the store is a mother of three children, all with special needs. So she started a store that covered all of the interests in her life; cloth diapers, nursing, early childhood health, special educational needs. Check out their website for more details. The store is close to our music class, so it is easy to stop in to pick up supplies. Besides CJ’s, we also pick up diaper covers, soap and the occasional specialty item, like a bulldozer fork.



So if you are near the Lincoln Square neighborhood, stop in the BellyBum Boutique to check it out. Get you some CJ’s BUTTer while you are there and make your little one’s butt a happy one. Enjoy!

Winter is coming

With the Thanksgiving holiday past us, Sweetie and I are looking forward to the Chicago winter and the Christmas season. Sweetie loves winter so far, mainly because it has not yet been too cold. We have had a couple of previews, however, so she gotten an idea of what is coming. But “The Hawk” has not yet swooped in.

So we are starting our search for indoor winter fun. Obviously we can keep travelling to swim class, story time and music class, but we need some activities. There are some outdoor activities as well, but once that temperature drops and wind chill kicks in we are staying indoors. But I don’t want to be homebound. As always, we’ll be sure to share our adventures with the rest of you. If you happen upon some indoor Chicago fun, please feel free to share.

Oh yeah, this is fun...

Oh yeah, this is fun…

As an aside, this winter gear changes so much. I was laughing with a Grandfather today as he dealt with the car seat. He was saying that his (otherwise slim) grandson is now a challenge to get into the seat with the bulk of the coat. I know we are getting our gear routine dialed in, but it sure is messing with our timetable. Last winter we used an insulated jumper and a blanket; now we have all these parts. Ah well, hats and gloves and scarves and such are all a part of it. Another nuance on the detour, no? Well, come on Chicago winter, Hawk and all. We’re ready for you.