Sayin’ my thanks (yes, again)

This post has been trying to come out for eight months now, essentially since Sweetie had her 1 year check up. Fast forward to today – Sweetie’s 18 month check-up. And once again we were out of the doctor’s office in no time. No problems, no issues, nothing bad at all. We walked out with the doctor’s blessings and “we’ll see you in eight months”. But not everyone has it this way.

Doctor visit days are like vacation days in a way. Wife takes the day off and we all travel together. After the visit we get into adventures of some sort. Last visit we went Downtown with Big Daddy B, Momma Z and Linda. Today we spent the day with Abuelo and Abuela. Whatever we get into, we get into as a family. And again, not everyone has it this way.

And so I am saying my thanks. Thank you to wife and to Sweetie. And thank you to the universe in general. “Thinking” my thanks did not feel like it was cutting it, so I hashed out this post. I know some of those people who don’t have these same experiences. Their doctor’s visits are full of challenges and bad news. Or they are doing this parenting thing without a partner’s help. But our family doesn’t have it that way and I am grateful for it.

Since I am handing out thanks, I want to thank those of you who have joined the detour through the Facebook page. We all know that in the Interweb and social media paradigms, “Likes” and “Follows” are currency. It means a lot folks and it is nice to see consistent visits to the blog. Aw heck, for those of you who have followed from jump, lots of thanks too!

Alright, that’s all I’ve got. I hope it spurns you to thank your important people and whatever higher power you talk to. Tomorrow is a new day with its own adventures.

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