Ella Jenkins at Old Town

This was another reminder of what a treasure the Old Town School of Folk Music is to Chicago. We got to see Ella Jenkins playing live at one of the school’s concert halls as part of our weekly class.

For those of you who don’t know, Ella Jenkins is a long-time folksinger who is known for her children’s songs and children’s concerts. She is 89 years old and still commands the stage. She led the children in song while coaching their behavior and keeping the room in check. And despite her age, she lights up the harmonica!


Our teacher, Maria, was invited to play alongside, which was fun to watch. Maria’s violin, another guitarist and Ella Jenkins’ harmonica made for a rockin’ time – yes, a rockin’ a children’s concert. That’s a good sign when the parents are having a good time.

The Old Town School of Folk Music offers a variety of activities for both adults and children. I have mentioned our music class a couple of times now. There are also instrument-specific classes for pretty much anything you want to play. Wife, Cap’n Jack, Micompadre and Micomadre, Momma Z and Big Daddy B have all taken classes there. And be sure to check out their schedule of events for upcoming concerts. It looks like Ella Jenkins is back there tomorrow…hhhmmm.

Our first heavy frost and “snow” preview came yesterday. I am sure we are going to spend more time at “Old Town” with the Chicago winter weather coming. Hey, want to put out a special thanks to la maestra Maria for letting us know about the concert and saving a seat for all us ‘worms!


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