Random 360’s

Each night after dinner Sweetie and Wife spend time visiting and playing together in our front room. It is their time before bedtime. Tonight as my daughter walked past me she stopped, spun halfway around, paused, finished the full rotation then kept walking to join her mother. Keep in mind she still “toddles” when she walks, so this was a pretty cute scene. Her spin made me smile right away, and then it got me thinking: At what age to we stop doing random 360’s?

The question is about enjoying life, particularly the subtlethings. With Sweetie I often witness her enjoying some simple thing. Times like when we are outside and she gets so excited by the changing leaves or a random squirrel. Or when Wife comes home from work and Sweetie is nearly frozen because she doesn’t know what to do first; run to the door or shriek or maybe just stamp her feet in excitement. She shares all of these discoveries with smiles and pointing and her excited babbling, all of which are so genuine. But as an adult I find that have to stop and focus on these things in order to appreciate them. And I think most of us adults have this same experience. And that makes me kind of sad.

The reasons are obvious; work, social life, increased financial responsibilities, family, etc. It’s all part of growing up, I know this. So the need for vacation time, and recreation time become even more important – the “stop and smell the roses” bit. After hanging out with my daughter though, I can’t help thinking that the adult world is missing out.

And I know adults who do appreciate the small things in life. It is not accurate to say they have a “child-like” approach to life. I think that could be taken the wrong way. But there are people are content with good food, good company, and an occasional elegance. I find their presence to be a refreshing reminder also.

Ah well, maybe I should just try to enjoy the changing fall leaves this Fall and keep an eye out for those subtle, simple things. It’s probably safer that way because I think if I tried to spin around while walking I would probably fall on my butt. For a toddler that’s cute, for her Dad it’s just weird.

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