Celebrating milestones, part 1

I have written this before, but the Fall is my favorite Chicago season. There are years where it feels like we get only one week of Autumn, where the weather rests between Summer’s sweltering heat and Winter’s freeze. This year, though, we are enjoying a few weeks of transition. The garden just started to die back last week and most of the trees still have green leaves. While it is spooky and probably an indication of not-so-good warming trends, we are enjoying it while we can.

Fall is also the season of anniversaries for us here on the detour. If you have read the About page, you know that this adventure, my “detour” started in August of last year. So in celebration of our 1 year Anniversary, I started a D-3 Facebook page! So now you can go and like us there so we can see how that develops. Let’s see what new things I learn from getting in the social media mix. (Quick aside; Wife has maintained a Facebook page for a few years now, I am just getting on the site.) I am expecting an exponential growth in readership folks, so please be generous with your networks.

It is pretty amazing to look back at our first year. Sweetie has transitioned from a quiet, sedentary infant to a fully mobile, babbling toddler. It has been great to watch her learn and grow through these changes and to see her personality begin to develop. I have the best seat in the house really. We have been through music classes and swim lessons and first friends and downtown adventures. And these are just the good times off the top of my head.

Back then...

Back then…

The past year has also brought its share of challenges. How many meals have we struggled through; how many days looking to keep Sweetie occupied (without turning on the TV); how many poop-splosion diapers? So there were days when I wasn’t sure about this whole stay-at-home thing. Other days when this blog and the associated social media “stuff” was just a bother (I have been trying to get the Facebook page right since August!). In the moment these challenges seemed immense, and if it went wrong I often felt like I was failing. But the long-view has shown me that all of these things are an important part of my growth as a father. And thinking about the challenging times makes the good times really good.

...and now

…and now

Year 2 is off and running, which is funny to me because I already thought I was behind during year 1! Sweetie keeps moving faster and faster, so overall the pace of our life is picking up as well. As always, many thanks to all of you who keep up with our chronicles and special thanks to those of you who are part of our lives. Now go “Like” us and we can keep the detour growing! Special thanks to Wife, who celebrates our Wedding Anniversary with me during the Fall. Sweetie and I had quite the adventure pulling together Wife’s gift – watch for that post later this week.

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