Release the kraken!

Sweetie is actively toddling and our world will never be the same! She is still showing some reservation when walking on her own, but it is all “will” cause she definitely has the “skill”! Release the kraken!

Sweetie’s friend Linda has been toddling and walking for about a month now, so we knew it was coming. She has really ramped up the past week and is starting to toddle around the house more and more. Oh boy – time to revisit all of the baby proofing (again).

I think the most funny thing about this event is the celebration. Things like this very posting and the accompanying phone videos and the YouTube video. We always celebrate when children walk. Really it’s something that we have all learned to do (eventually), and there is a good chance that our children will learn to do it as well. But hey, I’m definitely celebrating! If I had a Facebook page (more on that later!) I would be that parent that posts all kinds of “first time” photos of my daughter. And this video would live there as well – Ha!

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