Testdrive: New Logo

Change is a good thing. Even though I am quite fond of the original D-3 logo I had a nagging feeling that it was not presenting the image I was going after. So I am trying this new one.

"The new style"

“The new style”

I kicked it around with Wife before, during and after the conception of this image. I think her ideas helped get us to a good point. I ran it past Captain Jack as well. His comments: “What I do like about the orange model is that it convey’s a bit more chaos especially as little one grows and doesn’t sit still…” I couldn’t have said it better.

So what does this new logo have to do with being a Stay-at-home Dad? Nothing really. Except that I burnt up precious sleep hours learning how to play with Photoshop. Hopefully I can churn out some t-shirts or stickers or some other really cool merchandise (that you must have in order to be a true SAHD!). It does help with the sense of ownership with the blog, though. Ah well, enjoy!


Forever an homage to the SAHD

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