Early Father’s Day Gift

I know what you are thinking…Father’s Day is Sunday, why does he get early gifts? Sometimes we earn special treatment, sometimes it’s something inside that moves our children, sometimes our children have movements. Again you ask, “How is he so lucky?” Heh, Heh…

So Wife, Sweetie and I spent Friday evening running errands and caught a barbeque dinner out. Good times. Once we got home, Wife set about getting Sweetie ready for her bath. Of course this requires stripping the little one down, and recently we have added some naked scurrying. Sweetie thinks it is hilarious to try to outrun Wife on the way to the bathroom. More good times.

This night things took a different turn when Sweetie scooted in to her closet. From the bathroom where I fill the bath I could not see everything that happened, but all of a sudden Wife was shrieking, came running into the bathroom to promptly placed Sweetie on her training toilet. She turned to me with a wry smile and calmly said, “your daughter just pooped in her closet.”

Hmm. Okay. I got the message loud and clear, so I thought. I thought Wife had caught Sweetie when she was just getting started and scooped her up. So I wandered in to the closet expecting a small mess. Well, the full story is that wife saw Sweetie crawl in to her closet. A few seconds later Wife noticed that it was strangely quiet. When she peeked in, Wife found Sweetire reclining on her side, calmly taking care of business. A small mess? Yeah, no. A full steamy pile. Happy Father’s Day.

So your humble narrator, your flagman on the detour, your de-tour-guide, me – I went about cleaning it up. I still wonder how such a small, sweet little girl can generate such a large, foul reminder of her presence. It’s one of those times where all we could do is laugh and clean it up. We were thankful she is (obviously) healthy. We were thankful we have hardwood floors that clean up without staining. So Wife and I got her cleaned up and gave her a bath and got her ready for bed. And we kissed her good night and told her we love her, even when she poops in the closet.

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