Dad is Great – Happy Father’s Day

Father, Dad, Daddy-O, Big Daddy, Padre, Pappy, Poppa, Big Poppa, Poppa Bear, Pops, Old Man – however you call him, it’s time to celebrate fathers. Father’s Day is here again.

The history of Dad-kind can be tough. How many of us grew up with the cliché “wait until your father gets home?” The image of Dad “the Enforcer” has tempered but it still lingers a bit. And there is the image of Dad the “bread winner” as well. Of course, this dynamic changes for a stay-at-home-Dad because we are always home and probably cleaning up bread, not winning it.

Obviously our house lives these differences because we wait for Wife, “Mom”, to get home. And Sweetie is too young to cause any major trouble yet so I am not throwing silly threats at her. So really, we can’t wait for Wife to get home. Last Thursday she came home with fresh Cheese Danish and Sweet breads from a local Polish bakery. Mom is not only winning bread, but sweets! As Sweetie and I shared a treat, it reminded me of my most favorite pro-Dad story.

I first saw the stand-up routine Bill Cosby Himself when I was a child. My family and I were able to enjoy the comedy together as it is loaded with adult humor with kid-friendly language. I have watched this stand-up routine as an adult and still laughed out loud. In one skit, Bill Cosby describes how he feeds his children chocolate cake for breakfast. As he describes, chocolate cake contains milk, eggs and wheat – also parts of a nutritious breakfast. To express their joy, his children begin singing praise to him in a simple but effective tune: “Dad is great, he gives us chocolate cake”. Writing it out does not do it justice, so enjoy the man himself:

And that’s the point of the day, right? It’s a day to sing our praises for our committed Father’s. So whether you stay at home or you get to come home; whether you are the enforcer or the bringer of sweets – Dads are great. To all you out there, from all of us on the detour – Happy Father’s Day!

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