29 August 2012 – Venturing out

It is a beautiful late summer day in Chicago. Way too nice to stay inside. Sweetie and I are rolling – we are venturing out.

I waited until after the noon feeding and out we went. The first test was the five blocks to the park. That went well, so we went around the park. That went well, so we checked out the north end. That went well, so we took the long way home (and even hung out in the back yard garden for a bit).

It is laughable to think that I am afraid to take this little one out of the house. I know life is waiting for her out there. But I feel like I am getting used to everything in a new way, even something like a walk to our local park. (The little voice in my head is saying, “No kidding…it’s called parenthood”). And each new experience, even the most basic, has something profound for me to chomp on. It felt great to get out of the house today and take our first father-daughter walk – it was a simple kind of milestone for this stay-at-home adventure that we are beginning.

All ready to go

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