Baby’s East, Sleep & Poop Journal


Baby’s Eat, Sleep & Poop Journal is an easy-to-use tool for all parents. Wife and I have recommended it to parents-to-be, and I especially recommend it to stay-at-home Dads. The straight-forward name of this activity log sums up its purpose – it helps you track your baby’s eating, sleeping and pooping. The pages are laid out in well-labeled columns, starting with date and time. You organize the other entries according to the time they occur. The meals are tracked by nursing duration or bottle amount; the sleeping by “sleep” time and “wake” time; the movements by type, wet or poop. The opposite page is conveniently blank for making notes.

We started using our log on our first recovery day in the hospital and we quickly learned its importance. We weren’t allowed to leave the hospital until Sweetie had accomplished the three feats that are tracked in “BESPJ” (wow, like they planned that). We continued the log once we returned home and kept it up until around seven months.

So we learned in the hospital that this daily tracking started immediately. Go figure, it continued at the first pediatrician visit (on so far through the whole first years’ appointments). The journal has proven useful for these visits because this information is important in the wellness checks. Having the information about her feedings, like ounces and frequency, allow us to specifically answer the doctor’s questions and focus proactively on Sweetie’s milestones. And knowing she was having regular bowel movements kept us aware of her overall good health (oh goody). It has been settling to track this stuff but also to speak with the doctor and know we have the information right there.

So, why is this so important for a Stay-At-Home Dad? According to Sister Younger-Older, a Mom’s heartstrings are thick. Because of this, the simple question, “How was your day?” translates to so much more. There are questions behind that question: 1.) Did you feed my daughter?; 2.) Did my daughter poop (and did you clean her)?; and 3.) Did you keep my daughter on her sleep schedule? At our house we go through the checklist when Wife gets home and is hanging up her coat. It is very nice to have the answers ready to go and to get Wife caught up. All joking aside, tracking this information helps us keep Sweetie healthy, on track and moving to the next milestone. And the information is there so either Wife or myself can pick up the routine. The journal itself is ¼ the size of a sheet of paper, so it fits in a diaper bag or a jacket pocket. You don’t feel like you are lugging around a book.

Baby’s Eat, Sleep & Poop Journal lays the foundation for monitoring your child’s well-being (which parents try to track forever, right?). We got our copy as a shower gift, but we bought a second one after filling that first one. There are plenty of tracking journals out there, so chose one. This one has an easy to follow layout, is a good size and has useful note pages. This one worked for our family. Check them out at

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