Renewing the commitment

This is a break from the usual format of the posts, but I have not put anything up in a while. During that while I have had some good conversations with other parents and we took Sweetie on her first road trip from Chicago to Florida. The time got me thinking and now I am writing.

I was reminded of the reasons for starting this blog. In talking with other parents I enjoyed the parenting tips we were sharing. And walking around our hotel in Florida I watched as countless people smiled and talked with Sweetie. She and I also shared some great family adventures. I realized that it is all this stuff, all of these side streets in the detour, getting stuck in my notebook when they should be out in the blog.

Time on the road is good for me, travel hang-overs and all. This trip had some great moments, some good existential reminders and a couple of challenges as well. There is definitely more to come and more to write about our time on the road. But I wanted to drop a quick note because I am renewing my commitment to this blog. I have been reading from others who show more discipline in their posting, and others whose content is great. These are great examples and challenges and I want to rise to that standard. I am going to shoot for two posts a week – here goes. I found myself thinking about the blog while I was driving and getting stoked for its growth.

So thank you to you, the readership, for staying with me on the ride. Me – a stay-at-home Dad, a humble husband, a blog rookie. Thanks for keeping up with Sweetie and me as we move through her infancy. This is all for now, Sweetie is up from her nap. But spring is here in Chicago and I am ready to see where we go next!

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