18 August 2012 – Time Warp

Sweetie’s days are on a fairly set schedule: diaper change; eat; play; nap; repeat.  This is roughly a two-hour cycle.  For some reason the eat time and the play time seem to drag.  These periods, roughly 20 minutes long, can seem endless.  On the contrary, nap time passes in the blink of an eye.  At times I feel like I have 20 minutes to get something, anything, done.  And if I don’t focus – BAM – nap time is over.

Whenever this happens “Time Warp” from The Rocky Horror Picture Show plays in my head.  It’s like Sweetie’s wake-up cries automatically cue the song.  Unfortunately, the scenes that follow are nowhere near as fun as those in Rocky Horror.  Anyway, we’ll add that song to the D-3 playlist.

As Sweetie is developing it is becoming more challenging to fill “her time”.  I am close to memorizing La Oruga Muy Hambrienta, the Spanish version of The Very Hungry Caterpillar (we read it every morning).  And I am looking for more nursery rhymes to learn (as with all songs, singing only the first verse does not get you too far).  She is getting more active in the circus, so we can play games with the hanging animals and such.  So I am getting used to using more of “my time” to make “her time” more enjoyable.  I still can’t get over how quickly nap time can pass though.  I guess it’s like a cross-dressing mad scientist – this time warp takes some getting used to.

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