17 August 2012 – Not a Good Day

Judging by Sweetie’s thrashing and crying, you would think the bottles I am serving were poison.  The kind straight out of old-school sci-fi that have green bubbling liquid and mysterious vapor and foam cascading down the sides and all that.

In reality the sun is shining, a first since the beginning of the week.  The temperature is perfect, the breeze gentle.  Overall it is a beautiful day in Chicago.  When it comes to bottles, though, today is not a good day.

It doesn’t help that by 1:30PM I still have not been able to take a shower.  Last night’s laundry is still sitting unfolded on the table.  The to-do list, even today’s short one, has not been touched.  We are both frustrated but I am trying to hide behind gentle words and forced smiles (because children, particularly young children, don’t see right through that).  Sweetie embraces her frustration and just squirms and cries.

45 minutes later the bottle is done.  Sweetie is lying peacefully on the play mat “circus” so I re-adjust my stretched out t-shirt and take a few breaths.  On a whim I sing the finger song (you know the one…”where is thumper?”).  Sweetie watches contentedly and even cracks a smile.

Today is just one more reminder that sometimes we get it right and sometimes we get it wrong.  To me it is also a humbling reminder that even though she is new, this little life is already filled with mystery and dichotomy.  As the afternoon peacefully wanders on I am thankful that there is happiness in there as well.

Happiness comes at last

Happiness comes at last

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