10 August 2012 – Sawin’ Logs

My daughter snores.  Depending on the day it can be a quiet rumble, like a cat purring.  Other times, she can tear it up.  But coming through the monitor her 3 month-old snoring is cute…we’ll see how that develops.

Unfortunately I know all too well where she “gets it” from.  I don’t know if there is a genetic disposition for snoring, but my nasally, often allergy-ridden voice betrays me as the source.  Once, at a childhood sleepover, my over-tired host was weary of listening to me snore.  After lying awake for 3 hours all he wanted to do was sleep.  When he asked me to stop I tried to explain I was not in fact snoring – only breathing.  He flat-out told me, “then stop breathing.”

My childhood friend, Captain Jack, reminds me of this story whenever the topic of sleep or snoring comes up.  It makes me smile every time.  Obviously, I am also reminded of it when I am lying in bed listening to my daughter’s baby-snores on the monitor.  I find myself grateful for her snoring.  It is just simple evidence that she has not stopped breathing.

I don’t sleep the same as before her arrival, and I was warned about this by other parents.  When a night noise wakes me up I spend an extra minute listening to the monitor to be sure everything sounds right from Sweetie’s room.  I suspect that my sleeping habits are forever changed by this new person…maybe I should be thankful that right now it is only by her snoring.

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