Wish List

I have a steadily growing “Wish List” of things that I would like to happen from writing this blog.  I am not sure how realistic the list is, but it is fun to let my mind wander.  Some of these things are more of a stretch than others.

I am thinking about merchandising.  I would start with something easy like decals, t-shirts and patches.  Maybe grow into “one-sies”, caps, beanies, spit-up towels.  There could be an adult line as well as a kid line.  Maybe I should get the logo dialed in first.

I would like to be a guest on the Ellen DeGeneres show.  I know that Ellen is not a stay-at-home Dad.  And that she and Portia de Rossi are not yet parents.  But I think Ellen is a funny, great, generous woman and she is high on my list of people who I would like to meet.  Since I don’t have a popular daytime show we would have to meet at hers.  Or she could stop by the house the next time she comes to Chicago.

I would like to meet Jay Leno and talk cars with him.  His show is on a little bit late for me, but I would accept an invitation to his show too.  I would really enjoy a tour of the Jay Leno’s Garage, though.  Hey, we both have a Buick Century.  Yes, his is much cooler…but only because he can start and drive it!  (okay, maybe there is more to it than that.)

I would like to sit down with Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels to talk about the parts of me that have gotten “squishy” since staying at home (I guess that was one benefit to running around for 12 hours a day fueled by caffeine).   I would like their help developing a SAHD workout, like something that I can fit in at nap time.  I figure Bob knows men’s bodies better, and Jillian knows parents’ lives better.  She left a popular television show to take care of family – she can offer some insight!  I am not looking to lose weight, so I don’t know that I need Dolvett Quince and Alison Sweeney to come by, but the whole crew is certainly welcome.  I figure it is more people to become enamored with Sweetie!

I would like to have lunch with Rick Bayless.  When the weather gets warmer Sweetie and I are going to take a trip downtown.  I plan on visiting Xoco for lunch, so maybe we will see him there.  Rick is a father to a daughter and might share some insight.  Or maybe some warnings!  I want to pick his brain about urban farming and alternative energy implementation as well.  Hey – at the very least we will get to try the food.

I want to drive Wife and Sweetie in the Century to have lunch at Superdawg.  Wife and I once gobbled down a quick dinner while Sweetie napped, but that’s not the right way to do Superdawg.  And the Versa is just not as cool at the Century.  At this writing the front sheet metal is all off and the car is not running.  But that’s okay because Sweetie can’t eat hot dogs yet.  I do have more time now to work on the car once we put Sweetie to bed.  Now I just need to get to it.

I would like this blog to turn into a revenue source.  I am going to explore writing contributions, sponsorship, the above mentioned merchandising.  It would be nice to have my income coming back in, so I will see if I can’t get something going.  Oh yeah, it would also be nice to have money for the Century project and maybe some new tattoos.  I better get working on those postings!

Wow, I almost forgot.  I would love to hear from President Barack Obama.  I think it would be cool if he weighed in on the site and even better is he shared some of his Dad-knowledge.  He is a Dad to two daughters – definitely something to tell there.  He is usually pretty busy when he comes back to Chicago, and I don’t see myself in DC any time soon.  Oh yeah, and he has an entire country to manage.  Anyway, here’s hoping.

I would like to meet more stay-at-home Dads.  I plan on contacting the Chicago Chapter of the National At-Home Dad Network.  And I am going to research celebrity Dads as well.  I know there are others out there, but I want to meet them.  I was at a recent social event with Sweetie and found that we were surrounded by more caretakers than parents.  And I get why it works out that way – we almost went that route.  But this is a tough gig sometimes, and sometimes I just need a little boost.  Wife is supportive and great about giving me a day off, but I think meeting other stay-at-home Dads will better serve the experience.  I set out on this blog-sperience to show my support for stay-at-home Dads but even I need that support.

What a random list.  Again, I don’t really know where this is going (which is why it is “uncategorized”).  And some of these are obviously more realistic than others.  Well, let’s see what happens.

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