7 August 2012 – Official First Day

Today is my first official day as a stay-at-home Dad.  Wife went back to work, looking very nice in her new dress, but none too happy.  So far the day is going well.  During nap time the house is quiet.  I don’t remember when my days had such moments.  Even with day-to-day din and city life noise, it is so peaceful.  It is funny how quickly the day is passing.  I feel like we are jumping from bottle to nap with a couple of diaper changes and some play thrown in for good measure.

Just a few days ago I was running through the body shop.  This meant starting my day and my first cup of coffee at 6AM and usually going until 6 PM, at least.  Countless cups of coffee, 20 workers fixing the various damage on crashed cars, compressors and paint booths rocking, other co-workers helping get cars out, phone calls and customers…all in my days’ work.  Walking away was like shutting down a light switch and enjoying the dark.

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