A Funny Thing Happened…

This section is going to be about things that strike me as funny while I am taking care of Sweetie.  This is not going to be a profound segment and in fact may get a bit irreverent.  There are just some times where something happens and I find myself laughing out loud.  Or I share an experience with a friend and we bust up laughing.

I almost named this segment “Funny Sh-t”, but chose not to so I can keep the blog family friendly.  “FS” was a great title because the majority of the stories are going to deal with poop.  In the first months of Sweetie’s life, poop became my hang-up, my kryptonite as it were…but in a funny way.  Poop’s presence in my life, vis-a vis Sweetie, is actually a good analogy for a all of the messy things we encounter in life.  No matter what we do, it keeps coming.  So I think it becomes our work to learn how to best deal with it and learn how to best clean up afterwards.  As you can see, you can’t try to be profound when you are dealing with poop.  But you can be funny!

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