Welcome to Dad’s Diaper Detour

flagmanWitam!  Bien venidos!  Welcome!

Thank you for stopping by Dad’s Diaper Detour, my entry into the blogosphere and my record of staying at home to care for my infant daughter.

I have read from blogs over the past years but did not jump in to the blogosphere.  After Sweetie was born, my wife kept reading all sorts of new parent information on various blogs.  I found myself going on to more blogs as well.  The seed to start a blog was planted.

We found ourselves getting in to all kinds of conversations about the baby.  Like many new parents we were talking about our daughter every chance we could.  From the nursery to the side-sleeper to nursing and cloth diapering, we were talking up the experience.  This kept up as I decided to stay home, and more often people were asking me, “What are you going to do when you’re home?”  I tried to have funny responses ready and one time I said I would start a blog.  So the idea grew.

I enjoy the various parenting blogs and I try to check in as often as possible (turns out there is not too much “free time” when you are an at-home parent).  What I noticed was that there are a bunch of “mom” blogs and a few “Dad” blogs but not as many “stay-at-home-Dad” (SAHD) blogs.  So I want to share my experience as a stay at home Dad in Chicago.  I want to tell some stories, talk about the “stuff” that helps me every day, reflect on this whole stay-at-home-Dad thing and just laugh a bit.

I want to open up the conversation and make a space for it to expand.  I think being a Dad is the coolest thing that has happened to me, and staying at home with my daughter is an amazing opportunity.  I offer up my experience to help my fellow stay-at-home-Dads – if I can give something to the next dad to help him,  great.  I know I am always looking for fresh ideas and other SAHD blog sites as well.

I appreciate the work of all parents and welcome input from everyone.  I think we all have our role to play and our work to complete, whether at home or outside in the world.  I think all committed parents are amazing.  Stay-at-home-Moms, you have been a rock for our society.  You have set the bar high with your excellent example of child care.  To all of the stay-at-home-Dads, we have work to do – this one’s for you.  We are raising the future, men, let’s work on getting it right.